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It includes:

1 Soft Storage Case

1 Ratchet Strap

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Patent Pending Design: our SOLO TARGETS SYSTEM'S® ADJUSTABLE STAND has a revolutionary and innovative design that has never been seen in the hunting industry. It is so fast and easy to assemble that you will not loose any precious time from your practice. Our patent pending design allows the hunter to accommodate an archery core in multiple heights and positions.

Ratchet Strap: our Adjustable stand includes one Nylon RATCHET STRAP TO HOLD THE 3D VITAL CORE or any other arrow stopping mechanism you choose to use with our SOLO SKINS®.

No shot Interference: our adjustable stand patent pending design has no parts that will be interfering with your arrow or your bullet while you practice

Outdoor & Indoor use: our Adjustable STAND AND ALL ITS PARTS ARE treated with an outdoor certified GALVANIZED FINISH TO PROTECT IT FROM THE ELEMENTS and prolong its life.

Light weight Design: our Adjustable STAND is made all in steel, but has a light weight design, with only 5 lbs of total weight.

Easy Transportation: our ADJUSTABLE STAND can be transported in a compact and light CARRYING BAG that is included with the stand.