2D Mule Deer Broadside

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Solo Skins® must be used with a back stop target. 

It includes:

1 Extra Patch (Replaceable Vital Zone) 

2 Target Pins 

2 Hang Tabs

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HD printing process and high definition graphics in a non-glare mate finish.

Solo Skins® are life size to an average wildlife animal for each species, so you are practicing with a real looking animal that is in a true shot opportunity position.

Solo skins® are made of a semi-rigid plastic material so that they have the advantage of being thin and light weight, but strong enough to maintain the original shape.

Due to packaging limitations and transportation, the lower legs, belly or butt might be "hinge cut" in some species so that they can be bent and fitted in a shipping box.

When combined with the Solo Adjustable Target Stand (sold separately) and a block target backing (not provided), it's the perfect target practice set-up!

Pick a spot on your Solo Skin® and start practicing for that shot of a life time! 

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