Life Sized Animal Shaped Targets

The SOLO TARGETS SYSTEM® is a patented solution for the hunter’s everyday practice needs. With our system you have the opportunity to practice in trophy life size animals in your backyard or at your favorite practice spot indoors or outdoors. Both, archery and rifle hunters will have a unique experience and enjoy practice time like never before.

We at SOLO Targets are passionate about hunting and are committed with the quality of our products. We believe that our patented system joins the best of the 2D and 3D worlds. We know that our system will help you get better and help you focus on improving your shooting skills. Confidence in the field comes from the competence gained in the range, and we know our system is one tool that helps the bowhunters build resiliency with. 

NO UNEARNED REWARDS… We are passionate of what we do and we are true believers in this: we don't think that "unearned rewards" make you better in any skill in life.

So when practicing in 3D animals the fact of being "rewarded with points" or "relieved for not loosing an arrow" after a bad shot we believe that it actually limits you from becoming a better shooter. Our system is made with the true bowhunter in mind, this means that we want to help you get better at hunting while you use our system. So when you hit a non-vital part (i.e., the leg, butt, neck, gut, etc.) we want to eliminate any reward message to the brain for that bad shot. We don't agree with the brain's first reaction to a bad shot as "at least I hit something", or "I get 5 points out of that bad shot" or "at least I don’t have to go look for the arrow". We are sure that the SOLO Targets System® will help you in becoming a better hunter, take more ethical shots at game and become a more lethal bowhunter.

When practicing with our system, you feel a bit of pressure while preparing and aiming to make a more realistic practice sequence since you cannot tell were the arrow will be held by the core or not if you hit outside of the mark. Believe it or not, just the fact that you will be searching for your arrow if you miss, puts enough amount of pressure in most people and the style of practice is more conscious. 

We have been working hard, and have not compromised anything in the quality of our production. Our SOLO Skins® are ready to be sold online and are displayed and sold by a selected group of archery shops in the US. Our skins are continuously changing and will be sending out new models all the time. 

SOLO TARGETS® is a company committed with wildlife conservation and the preservation of the Hunting heritage. We as a company, have it clear that if we don’t support conservation agencies and their members, our passion is at risk. Every purchase you make or our products will help up support wildlife conservation thru partnerships with North America organizations.


The solo target system consists of three basic parts: one core (3D Vital Core or rifle core kit), one adjustable stand and multiple solo skins®. The SOLO Targets System® provides an innovative opportunity to use only one core (3D Vital Core for archers or rifle core kit for rifle hunters) and combine it with multiple solo skins giving you the ability to change only the skin of the species in which you are going to practice and use the same core for all.


PATENT PENDING DESIGN: The SOLO Targets System® 3D Vital Core has an innovative and unique design that is revolutionizing the way archery is practiced worldwide.

Easy Arrow Removal: incredible properties for making arrow removal easy for anyone in the family.

High Performance:  the foam core has superb performance on stopping high speed arrows.

Double Vital Zone: is the only core that will fit multiple species, having a large protruding vital zone on one side and a smaller one on the other.

Multiple Species: it can be easily rotated so that by using only one core, you can use it with all the SOLO SKINS® of all species in numerous positions.


PATENT PENDING DESIGN: our SOLO TARGETS SYSTEM® ADJUSTABLE STAND has a revolutionary and innovative design that has never been seen in the hunting industry. It is so fast and easy to assemble that you will not loose any precious time from your practice. Our patent pending design allows the hunter to accommodate an archery and a rifle core in multiple heights and positions securely to use our multiple SOLO SKINS® with ease.

Archery and Rifle Practice: this patent pending stand can be used to practice archery by holding any archery target (such as our 3D Vital Core) as well as to practice rifle shooting by adding the rifle kit (not included).

No shot Interference: our adjustable stand patent pending design has no parts that will be interfering with your arrow or your bullet while you practice

Outdoor & Indoor use: made from steel, the components are treated with an outdoor certified galvanized finish to protect it from the elements.

Light Weight Design: all in steel but with a light weight design, with only 5 lbs of total weight.

Easy Transportation: can be transported in a compact and light CORDURA® carrying case that is included with the stand.

Ratchet Strap: includes one nylon ratchet strap to hold the 3D Vital Core or any other target you choose to use.


High Quality Graphics: SOLO SKINS® are fabricated using the highest quality materials and technology. Our High Definition printing process uses only HD graphics in a non-glare mate finish.

Real Size Life-like Animals: SOLO SKINS® are life size to an average wildlife animal for each species, so you are practicing with a real looking animal that is in a true shot opportunity position. Due to packaging limitations and transportation the lower legs, belly or butt might be "hinge cut" in some species so that they can be bent and fitted on a shipping box. At the arrival this might require some tape "not included" to assembly.

Semi-rigid Plastic: SOLO SKINS® are made of a semi-rigid plastic material so that they have the advantage of being thin and light weight, but strong enough to maintain the original shape.

Double Layer Reinforced: SOLO SKINS® are reinforced to prolong the life of your target. All of our solo skins® are reinforced with a double thickness skin 2 inches around the vital area.

Cutout Vital Zone: SOLO SKINS® have a cutout in the vital area so that they fit our patent pending system's 3D Vital Core. The cutout will be large or small, depending on the species.

Guarantee: SOLO SKINS® are guaranteed for non-significant color fading for 10 months. It is recommended that they are kept protected from the elements while not in use to extend their life.